Welcome to the Craver Farms Web Site

You are our guest. We want to share our horses with you. We hope you will enjoy your visit with us and leave these pages knowing a little more about the Arabian horse than when you first came.

Our horses are Davenport Arabians. Their ancestors were collected by Homer Davenport from stock which came directly from Arabia in 1893 and by his own importation in 1906. Since the 1920s they have been spoken of by Arabian breeders as "Davenport Arabians." They are foundation ancestors in many bloodlines. In our horses there are no other bloodlines. They are all just Davenport.

Their greatest attribute is that even after a hundred years away from Arabia, when bred only to each other, they are still Arabian horses, recognizable by any knowing horseman. They still have the beauty, the athletic ability, the disposition, and the type which Arabians are supposed to have. As you know these horses, we hope you will love them. Even if you have other kinds of Arabians, you will recognize and honor these as unique and wonderful in Arabian breeding.

You can contact us by email, of course. Or, when you are traveling, stop and see us at Craver Farms, 735 Brackett Lane, Winchester, Illinois 62694. Telephone 217-742-3415.

Supporter of Al Khamsa, Inc., the Davenport Arabian Horse Conservancy, the Asil Club and the CMK breeding movement.